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Bad Economy Sparks More Claims

Bad Economy Sparks More Insurance Claims But Less Enforcement

Typically a poor economy is one of the motivating forces behind more insurance claims. The recent high unemployment rate has led to a significant increase in suspect & or fraudulent insurance claims.

At our firm, SCHNEIDER ASSOCIATES, we have tracked a 50% increase in suspicious 1st party claims over the past twelve months. These include spikes in fire loss claims and a rash of home break-ins and theft.       Read full article

Social Networks Help Prove Fraud

Howard Schneider quoted in magazine article about using social networks to detect insurance fraud

Howard Schneider was quoted in a Business Insurance magazine article about using social networks to help identify cases of insurance fraud. The story can be found in the September 7, 2009 issue and was written by Roberto Ceniceros. Here's the text:

Workers compensation claims investigators are increasingly scouring popular social networking Web sites such as Facebook, MySpace, and LinkedIn to help insurers and employers fend off bogus claims.       Read full article

Skip Tracing

Howard Schneider Details Skip Tracing Methods To Locate Anyone

Howard Schneider, licensed Private Investigator and public speaker on insurance fraud, announced skip tracing techniques that provide the insurance industry with ethical and legal methods to locate anyone. "Despite a flurry of legislative restrictions, a good private investigator can still find a witness/insured, with use of the proper tools," said Schneider.

A skip trace is the method by which investigators use to locate individuals or businesses.       Read full article

Industry Tidbits

Insurance Industry Tidbits for Professional Fraud Investigators

The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) now has a license reader section through its ISO database. Simply put, if a vehicle or truck has crossed the northern or southern border of the United States, the license plate is photographed. The location, date and time of the crossing is documented and placed on this site. This is a tangible source to identify where vehicles ...       Read full article

New Agency Formed

Howard Schneider Announces Formation of Schneider Associates

This premier private investigative agency provides the finest investigators and investigative tools to the insurance industry, risk managers, third party administrators and attorneys to fight insurance fraud across the nation.

Mr. Schneider, a licensed private investigator based in California (and previously in New York) said, "I am so proud of the staff we have brought together to begin this journey. We have recruited experts in all different areas of investigation." The agency will have dedicated units to fight fraud including a full range of surveillance operatives, an SIU department, a commercial cargo and trucking department and a legal and research unit.       Read full article