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New Agency Formed

Howard Schneider Announces Formation of Schneider Associates

Howard Schneider is pleased to announce the formation of SCHNEIDER ASSOCIATES.

This premier private investigative agency provides the finest investigators and investigative tools to the insurance industry, risk managers, third party administrators and attorneys to fight insurance fraud across the nation.

Mr. Schneider, a licensed private investigator based in California (and previously in New York) said, "I am so proud of the staff we have brought together to begin this journey. We have recruited experts in all different areas of investigation." The agency will have dedicated units to fight fraud including a full range of surveillance operatives, an SIU department, a commercial cargo and trucking department and a legal and research unit.

Prior to forming SCHNEIDER ASSOCIATES, Mr. Schneider was the president of a successful investigative agency in New York. In the late 1980s he relocated to California where he became the Qualified Manager of World Wide Investigations before he resigned to become President of SCHNEIDER ASSOCIATES.

"I am so proud that every investigator formerly at World Wide Investigation is now part of SCHNEIDER ASSOCIATES. In addition, we are equally proud of the other seasoned investigators we have brought into this company. I believe we will provide our clients with the best service of any investigative agency in the nation," Mr. Schneider said.

Howard Schneider's efforts have been highlighted in the prestigious John Cooke Fraud Report and featured on a Los Angeles TV station expose on Insurance Fraud. He has testified numerous times in Court and at Grand Jury proceedings.

His seminars, "A Common Sense Approach to Identifying Fraud," have been recognized by insurance companies around the nation.

Prior to entering the private sector, Mr Schneider was a Special Investigator for the New York State Legislature and later held the same position with the United States House of Representatives.

SCHNEIDER ASSOCIATES can be reached by phone at 818 419 8140, by fax at 805 494 0370, or by e-mail.